Sunday, 27 January 2008

Rivers Cuomo Loved His Dungeon Master's Guide

Coming out of my car today, it finally came to me that I am a geek.  I had just come home from work and I was sitting in my car putting all of my textbooks on my lap.  

The car moved two inches from the weight.

Trying to be as nonchalant as possible, I open my car and try to walk with 7 books up the driveway and eventually to the front door (haven).  However, things did not go over as smoothly as I intended.  Textbooks lay scattered on the asphalt, notecards everywhere, and my keys still on my seat.  I leave these items where they are and decide to head to the house.

It is at this point I couldn't get any geekier.

My first thoughts are of concern.  Will my books get wet?  What will I do if they are ruined?  How will I study?  Will I need to cover my textbooks again?

But it isn't just in these moments I can be considered a dork.  Every moment is the geekiest moment of my life.  This moment is the geekiest in my life.  Just think about these small facts about me:
1.  I think more about music than I think about girls.
2.  My room is littered with neon notecards (racy, huh?)
3.  My net attendance of parties in 2007 was 4.  3 of them family related.
4.  My DVD collection is (but not limited) to: the Star Wars trilogy, the Back to the Future trilogy, the entire series of FRIENDS on DVD, and Monty Python.
5.  The last thing I searched on Wikipedia was Catherine II of Russia.

However pathetic or lame this may be, I prefer the nerd lifestyle over the cool lifestyle.  Life has more substance this way.  After all, Rivers Cuomo loved his Dungeon Master's guide, but that didn't stop him from being one of the most badass rockers ever.


Marcus said...

This is now a necessary meme.



Lauren : 1

Mikey : big fat ZERO!


Angela said...

Rivers Cuomo is SO COOL.